Who are the Oly Town Artesians?

PRO-AM SOCCER - Oly Town is a WA-State club that provides professional-amateur soccer for both men and women.  Founded in 2014, Oly Town competes in USL (outdoor) soccer and arena (indoor) soccer.  The Artesians also have youth soccer camps, youth tournaments and free youth ticketing through the Oly Soccer Foundation.

"ARTESIAN" (are-TEE-shun) Oly Town is originally from Olympia, WA and pays homage to our Capitol cities historic brewing practices but mainly the magical water that bubbles from the ground throughout downtown Olympia.  "Artesian" water comes from years traveling underground from surrounding snow capped mountains, nearby hills and rivers.

USL W LEAGUE Top-tier Women's USA Pro-Am Soccer click to view our team.

USL LEAGUE TWO Top-tier Men's USA Pro-Am Soccer click to view our team.

WISL Founded in 2014 & Exclusive Semi-Pro Arena League in WA - click to view.

How can I get involved?

COME TO THE GAMES.  Oly Town Soccer does not exist without folks coming to the games.  Make sure and secure your season tickets and single game match tickets and spread the word on in the community and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

VOLUNTEERS & STAFF.  This is a great way to connect to Oly Town, help Oly Town succeed, and continue to support local soccer. Interested? Email

SPONSOR or DONATE.  Oly Town has partnerships available 1. Title Stadium Sponsor 2. Warmups 3. Travel Van 4. Stadium Signs.  Head to Partners Page.  Proceeds go to support both the men's and women's Artesian soccer teams as well as our Youth Outreach with indoor and outdoor soccer! Make a Donation HERE!

OLY SOCCER FOUNDATION.  Oly Town is designed to provide pathways for youth and adults to advance their soccer experiences.  The Oly Soccer Foundation was founded in 2022 and provides free youth ticketing to USL Matches, Equipment/Apparel for low income families and youth soccer education camps.  To donate or learn more head to the Foundation Page!