What Does the Rest of the Season Look Like for Oly Town?

The Artesians at The Evergreen State College Pavilion | Photo: Cortni Herrera

OLYMPIA, Wash. – After recovering from early losses in their season, the Oly Town Artesians walk into this weekend’s game off two consecutive wins. There is still the opportunity to fight for a spot in the playoffs, but they’re going to have to work hard.

With just four games left in the season, Assistant Coach, Nick Boatright addresses Oly Town’s opportunity for play-offs as,

“It’s about going one game at a time. It is going to take a commitment to being a team and working for each other. I believe our best soccer is still ahead of us.”

Nick Boatright, Assistant Coach

Similarly, Head Coach Nate Boatright shared his take on getting to play-offs,

“We have to keep doing the little things right to make the playoffs. Eventually, the ball will bounce in your favor if we focus on the details. We know we need some results to make the playoffs, but it is one game at a time”

Nate Boatright, Head Coach
The Artesians at The Evergreen State College Pavilion | Photo: Cortni Herrera

Oly Town has proven themselves as a dominant team at The Pavilion. Nate points out that Oly Town’s home game results are a major difference when comparing this year to years in the past,

“We have worked hard on understanding how we want to play in the Pavilion. It is unique to the league and provides us with an opportunity. We are undefeated at home and hope to keep that going this Saturday.”

Next Match: Saturday, January 8th | 7PM | Oly Town vs. Tacoma Stars Reserves @ The Evergreen State College Pavilion. Get Directions Here.

Joshua Dube at The Evergreen State College Pavilion | Photo: Cortni Herrera

Improvement on their home pitch is not the only thing keeping Oly Town competitive this season. With an all-around competitive league, Oly Town continuously works hard on and off the pitch to remain at the peak of their benchmark.

When asked what is working well for the team, Nate responds,

 “Nick and I have pushed the idea of ownership to the team. Individual ownership as well as collective. You have to be able to evaluate yourself to improve.”

Nick adds in,

“We have a good blend of experience and young players fresh off their college season. The ability for us to create a common understanding from these two groups has worked well. I think you can see this in some of the tighter games we’re we needed the quality of character and guys to take ownership.”

Throughout the season, for the team, both Nate and Nick make many changes and continue to evaluate each individual player. They have had to make changes to set pieces to suit specific players. But as they do this, they are able to better develop and grow as a team.

One thing Nate and Nick both conveyed was their want for continuing to highlight how far the team has come this season. They wanted to thank the fans and ownership for making it all possible. 

JJ Olson at The Evergreen State College Pavilion | Photo: Cortni Herrera

Truly, thank you all for your continued support. This Saturday’s game is going to be a good battle, but we will also be honoring both Oly Town Legends, Nate Boatright and Brett Stallworth before the game.

It is also Military Appreciation Night! Join us as we honor past, present, and future service men and women.

  • Free Admission for Military Members
  • 1/2 Off Admission for Military Family Members
  • Halftime Honors & Prizes for Military Members

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