Snohomish Comes Back and Beats Oly Town in the 4th 7-5

Kailey Utley | Photo: Cortni Herrera

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Saturday’s game against Snohomish FC did not end the way Oly Town had hoped. With two Snohomish goals in the last four minutes of the game, Oly Town could not stop Snohomish’s momentum and come back. Snohomish advanced with a 7-5 win, which brought them into second place in the NWPLi. This was not ideal for Oly Town, but will have the chance to face off against Snohomish again in a few weeks to try and regain their spot in the championship.

Chelsie Still scored first for Oly Town off of a ball from Shannon McMahon. #2 for the Steelheads responded back tying up the game 1-1. Before the end of the quarter, Meghan Hamell advanced the lead for Oly Town 2-1.

Oly Town scored first again in the second quarter. (Kailey Utley off a ball from Erin Danielson) Unfortunately for Oly Town, Snohomish secured three goals, along with the lead, in less than four minutes. Half time came and Snohomish was in the lead for the first time in Saturday’s game 4-3.

The first nine minutes of the second half was a great defensive battle for both teams. With 5:00 left in the third quarter, Kailey Utley scored her second of the night tying the game 4-4. Less than a minute were left in the third quarter Chelsie Still scored her second of the night allowing Oly Town to regain the lead! What looked to be a scoreless third quarter for Snohomish became a turn of events. Snohomish #10 scored with just 27 seconds left in the third quarter. The game was tied 5-5 going into the fourth quarter.

It was a scoreless fourth quarter for Oly Town while Snohomish #2 got one in with 3:44 left in the quarter, and Snohomish #19 one in right as the final buzzer rang.

That was game. Oly Town headed back to Olympia and added a 7-5 loss to their record. Oly Town will return to the pitch Saturday, April 2nd when they face off against Oly-Pen force in Bremerton.

Next Match: Saturday, April 2nd at 7PM vs. Oly-Pen Force | Location: Oly-Pen Sports Center

Oly Town Artesians goals: Chelsie Still (2), Kailey Utley (2), Meghan Hamell

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