Oly Town Win on Road before Final Game Friday

The Oly Town Artesians have been nothing short of surprising in their first USL League Two season as they stay in the middle of the pack heading into the last game of the season. The Artesians won on the road against OVF Alliance last Saturday to secure another 3 points in Northwest Division play.

Oly Town at OVF Alliance (Oly Town FC)

Oly Town traveled the 4 hours to Albany, OR to play its final game against OVF Alliance for the 2022 season. The Artesians and OVF had a very theatrical, offensive showing when the two met in Olympia back on June 26th that saw a season high 11 goals between the two teams and an Artesian win 6-5.

Tony Andoyan opened the July 9th match with a strike off a low cross from Jason Fairhurst in the 15th minute to get Oly Town on the board early. OVF tied it in the 25th minute but that wouldn’t stay long. The match saw a fantastic header off an Isidro Pruedo-Huerta corner kick by Jose Marquez in stoppage time before halftime. The goal was enough to put Jose Marquez into the Van Dorm Realty Player of the Game category as solid goalkeeping from both Sawyer Price and Perez-Martin held OVF at bay to hold the 2-1 victory.

The victory settles the Artesians into the middle of the pack with 11 points before heading into their final match in Portland, OR this friday against PDX. This is the third meeting between the two due to the expansion with the Northwest Division in USL2 which makes some clubs play each other 3 times.

The Artesians will be airing the game through their YouTube Channel which you can follow and keep up to date on Artesian action. 7PM kickoff at the Eastside Timbers Complex if you plan on making the trek to cheer on the final Artesian USL2 match of 2022.

For news, stats and information on how to support Oly Town FC head to www.olytownfc.com!

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