Photo Gallery: Gala Fundraiser 2023

Thank you to Courtney Hickman of C-Sharp Images for capturing so many great moments at the Oly Soccer Fundraiser Dinner at the Olympia Ballroom on June 16, 2023!

From dessert prizes, tropical cruise raffles and a fun live auction the night was an immense success for the soccer community and the Oly Soccer Foundation. We appreciate everyone’s attendance.

Thank you Jeff Bowe of Experience Olympia & Beyond, Kurt Gress of Wembley Soccer Shop and USL W Captain Mariah Lee for sharing your thoughts with the Oly Soccer Community!

Did you not get a chance to donate towards Oly Town Travel, Youth Outreach Practice Fields and Stadium Rentals? Click the donation button below and donate any amount today! It all helps!

If you have questions regarding prizes, event and the future please reach out to:

Thank you Courtney Hickman of C-Sharp Images!

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