Spotlight: USL2 Gabe Fernandez

Gabe Fernandez | Oly Town FC | Midfielder

How old are you and what are your college prospects? 

I am 17, a junior at South Kitsap High School, and I am committed to play for UW.

Where have you played in your youth soccer career?


  • ECNL Regional Playoffs June 2023 with PACNW B04/05 ECNL
  • 4A SPSL First Team 2023 (South Kitsap High School)
  • Generation Adidas Cup U‐17 Champions 2022 (Seattle Sounders)
  • Seattle Sounders Academy (2019‐2022), MLS Next League
  • Guam U16 Youth National Team (2019 AFC Asian Cup, Singapore)
  • Youdan Trophy Champions 2018 (Sounders Discovery Program, Sheffield, England)
  • Sounders Discovery Program (2016‐2019)
  • US Futsal Western Conference Champions 2019 (Raintown FC, San Jose)
  • Oregon State Futsal Champions 2019 (Raintown FC, Portland)
  • ODP Camp Participant 2017 (Idaho)
  • EPD 2015‐2017 (Washington State)
  • Crossfire ADP 2015 Mayor’s Cup (Las Vegas)

Club Soccer

  • PACNW Soccer Club (2022-current)
  • Washington Premier FC (2018‐2019, Boys DA)
  • PACNW Soccer Club (2016‐2018, Boys DA)
  • Harbor Premier FC (2015‐2016, RCL D1)
  • Kitsap Alliance FC (2014‐2015, RCL)
  • Kitsap Pumas (2013-2014, PSPL)
Gabe Fernandez w/ Seattle Sounders (MLS Next)

How are you feeling about being in second place halfway through the USL season?

It is a great start to the season to have three wins, obviously the Ballard games were tough, but I am excited we have more opportunities to play them. 

What is it like to be on the field with older, experienced players in USL League Two?

Training and playing with and against older players provides me the development I need to continue my soccer goals. It is nice to be in this environment again.

Gabe Fernandez at Oly Town (C-Sharp Images)

What’s a day in the life look like for Gabe?

I am in high school, so that takes most of the my day. When I am not training with Oly Town, I am studying, working out, getting extra touches with my trainer, and hanging out with my girlfriend.

It has been nice to be back in school this year with friends, as I was previously an online student when with the Sounders Academy. Other hobbies of mine include golfing and surfing.

What’s your favorite thing about Oly Town?

My two favorite things about Oly Town are the team, I really enjoy the players both on and off the field, and I like the competitive environment.  I am thankful to Coach Liviu for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this team.

Gabe Fernandez w/ the Seattle Sounders (MLS Next)

What are your thoughts on Oly Town USL2 Coaches; Liviu Bird, Ozer Kocdemir and Kelvin Galvez?

Not only do I think they are a great group of individual coaches, but they work amazingly together as a team. I like how they give every player honest feedback, and when they see problems, they know what to do to fix it.

I appreciate how they prepare us as a team to face each opponent. Also, on a personal level they are great people.

What is your advice for young soccer players looking to go to the next level?

The advice that was given to me when I started was to get as many touches as possible. Work on your foot skills early and often, don’t be afraid to take risks, and enjoy the game. Getting to the next level takes sacrifices, like not going to your school or being able to hang out with friends, but if you are serious and passionate about soccer, the sacrifices are worth it.

You will become very close with your teammates, make friends with players around the world, and have experiences you might not have had otherwise. And DON’T GIVE UP. When you are facing adversity, dig deep and keep on working, it will be worth it in the end.

Gabe Fernandez (Bottom Row, Second to the Left)

Catch Gabe back in Olympia July 2nd, 4PM against Capital FC at South Sound Stadium.

For tickets click here!

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