June 25, 2022: NWPL Championship Win Anniversary Special

It’s been exactly one year since the Northwest Premier League Championship was won by the Oly Town Artesian Women in 2022. We at Oly Town hold this title in high regard and have developed a timeline of fun photos, scores, rosters and a word from NWPL Head Coach Matt Herrera, Captain Delaney Smith and the “Voice of the Artesians” John McGlamery.

Opening Day May 9th, 2022 (NWPL, Oly Town)

The Artesians were accepted into the league officially in the spring of 2022. Oly Town came off a successful inaugural exhibition series in the summer of 2021 going 4-0-1 after not being unanimously accepted into the 2021 NWPL by its member clubs. Little did anyone know that 2022 would be a Oly Town’s shining debut in semi-pro women’s soccer.

Oly Town would faulter in the opener against CFC Atletica but would maintain a winning record against Oly-Pen Force and the Vancouver Victory. The Artesians dropped two matches against Atletica, once at home and on the road which led to a climactic NWPL Championship in Salem, Oregon on June 25th, 2022.

2022 NWPL Championship | Highlight Reel

Goals: Haylee Ward, Brieanna Dell | Shootout: 4-2 Olivia Brock (2 Saves)

NWPL Head Coach Matt Herrera on the season leading up the the Championship:

“The NWPL season went exceptionally well. The matches were full of intense competition and required both physical and mental dedication. It was hard work and determination from all the women both during practice and regular season games that created an exciting and memorable final for fans and players alike.”

2022 NWPL Head Coach Matt Herrera

Coach Herrera’s most memorable moment from the 2022 NWPL Season:

“My most memorable moment was halfway through a training session with light drills and working on movement off the ball. We wrapped up with some finishing and I was standing off to the side and all the women were laughing, having a good time and just enjoying the sport with each other. For me that moment was not about the wins or losses but the small things that can change a team and make them great.”

Captain Delaney Smith talks about what that day was like:

“What stood out to me the most that day was how hard everyone worked on the field. We traveled to Salem, it was 90 degrees on the turf and the work ethic and support we gave each other to keep going was incredible.”

2022 NWPL Captain Delaney Smith

How is the Tacoma Galaxy Arena Expansion going that you are managing and playing since the NWPL Championship?

It has been amazing to work on expanding in Tacoma and creating more places for women and collegiate athletes to compete and get seen. But the work isn’t done, we still want to expand more and find more local players to get involved to be able to continue creating more options for female athletes to compete at a high level.”

John McGlamery (The Voice of the Artesians) talks about his experience calling the Championship:

“It was was the first Championship I’ve ever called. It was exciting for me personally having been affiliated with the team in some capacity since 2014. I would definitely put it in my top three.”

John McGlamery (Broadcaster)

“The team had the belief that they actually belonged on that stage. They weren’t hesitant and were confident even when they fell behind and had to dig deep at the end. They did and the rest is history.”

Photos and snips from a fantastic NWPL season and Championship win.

The first for the Oly Town Artesians organization since their inception in 2014.




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