Khalil Bredeson scored twice and Surf Wodajo, Shane Gutierrez, Geo Vazquez, Christian Segovia and Daniele Zaccagnini each chipped in goals of their own in our 7-0 win over the Lacey Pocket Gophers on Sunday. Meanwhile, goalkeepers Ben Stevenson and JJ Olson faced just a handful of shots in keeping the clean sheet. It was a picturesque victory and we were lucky enough to have a two photographers on hand to record it. Charis Wilson checks in with this gallery. To see more of her work, click here.

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Oly celebrate their first goal on Sunday afternoon.

The Artesians struck early (as seen above) and struck often in their 7-0 preseason friendly win over the Lacey Pocket Gophers Sunday afternoon at Black Hills High School. Olympia photographer Molly Walsh was there and captured the derby victory. Thank you Molly! You can see more of her work here.

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Whoa boy, with the weather and power outages and internet outages, this mega-gallery from the Artesians’ close shave against Bellingham United on February 2nd was a little delayed. But I think it is worth the wait, with 250 great photos by our team photographer, Charis Wilson. Thanks Charis!

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