OLYMPIA, WA – The Artesians this Saturday, January 21st will host the newly formed Everett City FC in week 8 of Western Indoor Soccer League competition. The match will be home to a rare environment for the Artesians who have seen five wins, one loss and one tie since the season began in November. The best start in the history of the Oly Town Football Club program dating back to 2014 for indoor professional-amateur soccer.


“The focus for us is always on the next opponent” said Head Oly Town Arena Coach Nick Boatright. “We prepare for the specific things they challenge us with. We know the talent we have in this group and so it is always about getting the most out of it and I think it has to do with our discipline in terms of spacing and choices on the ball.”

The Artesians currently hold a second place seat behind MASL (Major Arena Soccer League) second team the Tacoma Stars Reserves in the 2022-23 WISL table (Western Indoor Soccer League). Oddly the Artesians have not played the Stars yet and will not until the final three weeks of league play.

What remains of the old days are veterans like Brett Stallworth (55 career appearances), Matt Stalnik (Oly Town Arena Legend) and Josh Dube who have seen many coaches come and go in the program but never a 5-win start to an arena season.


“The depth of talent is what has taken this year’s team to the next level” said Josh Dube, local Tumwater Youth Soccer Director and longtime Artesian player. “Every week I look at the game day roster and I’m so impressed.”

Oly Town’s one blemish, a road loss against Everett 6-8, is a reminder that most see as an opportunity for the community and league to rally around this Saturday at The Evergreen State College in what has been dubbed by the Artesians “The Grudge Match.”

“This game is going to have huge playoff implications and we need our fans to show up and show out. Bring your drums, horns, tambourines, and most importantly bring your voices! Let’s pack the pavilion!”

Pat Hutnik, Oly Town Director

Tickets are available online by heading to www.olytownfc.com with kickoff at 6PM Saturday, January 21st. Oly Town organizers have also partnered with the Thurston County Food Bank and providing a donation site for fans to bring in food items. A generous fan with the most items will be entered to win a retro Oly Town Jersey.


“They make a lot of noise and sure pack the house despite those cold evenings” said Goalkeeper Matt Stalnik about the Artesian crowds this winter. “The guys truly appreciate all the support. I hope to leave the fans with great memories and games they will talk about for years down the road.”

Brett Stallworth who has the most appearances ever in club history (55) was asked what stood out to him regarding Oly Town’s fans.

“I appreciate them sitting in our ‘ice box’ for home games” replied Stallworth.

Oly Town has three different soccer programs; arena (indoor) soccer, USL outdoor soccer franchises and youth soccer camps. Founded in 2014 as a singular men’s arena team, the Artesians have grown to multiple teams and events each year in the community.

“Get your tickets now because you do not want to miss these final home matches” said principal owner Ryan Perkins. “The heaters will be fired up, food and drink will be available and see the best arena soccer team Olympia has had.”

Follow Oly Town on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and information regarding rosters, opponents and schedules. You can also subscribe to the Artesians at http://www.olytownfc.com.


OLYMPIA, WA – It was a tale of two halves Saturday Night at the Evergreen State College Pavilion during a Week 2 match up between the visiting Snohomish Steelheads and hometown soccer club the Oly Town Artesians. The November 12th crowd braving cold temperatures under heater towers to root on their local pro-am Olympia team were in for a surprise second half after a dismal start.

The first quarter saw a goalkeeper war between Trevor Davoren of Snohomish and Oly Legend Matt Stalnik. Stalnik ended up with 39 saves while Davoren had 23 and a power play no goal effort that set the tone for the entire match. Big, physical tackles and checks covered the game in a sparring match that saw low offensive spark from either team which previously on November 5th saw 24 total goals between the Artesians and the Force. Several shots pinging off the posts and dozens of saves were the highlight of the first half.

Stalnik (left) posting 39 saves against Snohomish (Photo: Gloria Towne)


First half winner Snohomish Steelheads proved to be a physical prowess and an early lead created by a Steelhead-Tyler Hopp score in the 2nd Period at the 5 minute mark. Steelheads would go into half with a 1-0 lead and a large moral victory blanking the Artesians in a usually goal-heavy environment at the shorter pitch at the Pavilion in Olympia.

“Matt Stalnik made so many great saves between the sticks. They (Snohomish) were trying to take advantage of their height with the fly’s up style long throw but Matty was equal to the challenge every time” said Head Oly Town Coach Nick Boatright.

Second half proved to be a different story though Snohomish coming out immediately with a goal just over a minute into action by Daniel Amador. What would happen next surprised everyone in the crowd. 5 Artesians Goals in the 3rd Period would barrage Snohomish seeing 5 different goal scorers for Oly Town.

Led again by Week 1 Player of the Week Yuta Shimazu to open the scoring in the 11th minute followed by Kasey Sidor, Manny Nicasio, Mitchell Balmer and Nate Boatright. Captain Nate Boatright’s highlight was a calm, collected direct free kick strike from the top of the box after a defensive clear. The kick touched no defenders or keepers as it glided centimeters above the ground from the moment it was struck by Boatright till the moment it hit the back of the net.

“I was very impressed with the composure of our team to miss good looks in the first half and be down at halftime” said Nick Boatright. “It was clear we had to be aggressive going into the second half but sometimes when you try to go on the front foot and be aggressive it ends up leading to poor decision-making but we had had more players in positions for the second ball after the Snohomish keeper made saves.”

Mitchell Balmer (Photo: Gloria Towne)

Helping lead the offensive charge was Mitchell Balmer a graduate of the Evergreen State College and former collegiate soccer player added 2 key goals, one in the third and one in the fourth that kept Snohomish in the rearview mirror.

“The second (goal) being the one I enjoyed more because it is a great representation of how valuable being at the back post is” Nick Boatright on Balmer’s second game closing goal.

Keeper wars continued through the remainder of the 4th Period as Matt Stalnik continued to climb through the twenties and thirties on the league stat sheet which eventually tallied 39 saves. Stalnik created a human wall continually getting a hand on quick point blank shots by the steelheads and strategically cutting off angles on what would have normally been great goal scoring opportunities for opposing teams.

Alec Zimmerman returning to the Artesians fresh off of captaining Oly Town’s USL League Two squad in the summer made an immediate impact and scored in the 4th Period from an assist from Jason Fairhurst. Fairhurst was no selfish player on the night adding two assists to help the Artesians cruise to another victory at home and to start the WISL Season 2-0-0.

“His composure on the ball was so critical for us. When you have a player with his soccer IQ you want to get him the touches he needs to influence the game” Coach Boatright regarding Alec Zimmerman.

Alec Zimmerman (Photo: Gloria Towne)

Skipper Nick Boatright in his first year Head Coaching in the Western Indoor Soccer League added a few newcomers to the game day roster including Jesus Flores but also added Oly Legend and Career Record Leader in Appearances Brett Stallworth (52 Oly Town Appearances Since 2014) to add impact to the Oly Town Artesians.

Oly Town after picking up two key home WISL wins are now on the road in a very odd scheduling snafu by the league until January 14th 2023 as the they head to Portland this next Saturday November 19th 230PM kick at Indoor Goals in Beaverton, Oregon.

Second Half Artesian Celebration (Photo: Gloria Towne)

The Artesians to help curb the long home match drought have scheduled an exhibition against Bellevue FC who frequent the Semi-Pro divisions of Washington State Soccer and are looking to test the indoor waters. 4PM kickoff January 7th at the Evergreen State Pavilion for those interested in attending as tickets are on-sale at olytownfc.com.

Oly Town sits in 1st Place for the second week in a row to begin the Western Indoor Soccer League 2022-23 campaign.

Oly Town is a local professional-amateur soccer club founded in 2014 and is in their 8th season in the WISL. The Artesians look to gain their first berth into the WISL Championship having only qualified for the Semifinals in years past. The Artesian Soccer Club also competes in the USL League Two outdoor franchise and recently signed a promotion with the USL W League bringing the first ever USL Women’s Soccer Program to Washington State in its history.

December 9th the Oly Town Artesians are hosting a “Celebrating Women’s Soccer” Night at 7PM at Nicole’s Bar Off Legion in Downtown Olympia to crown the 2022 Northwest Premier League Champion Women as well as celebrate their signing with the USL W League. Fun W League Swag, Drink Specials, Artesian Bar Food Menu, Prizes and community soccer figures will be on hand so make sure and mark your calendars.

Families looking to keep active this winter can look no further than the “Oly Oly Oly” Kid’s Soccer Camp hosted by USL and WISL Players and Staff three Saturday’s in December. Head to olytownfc.com for information on this fantastic opportunity to learn and play with the regions USL Soccer Club.

Click Image for Kid’s Camp Information

For more information on tickets, schedules or history visit olytownfc.com and follow @olytownfc on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Local businesses and individuals interested in keeping the lights on at Oly Town can contribute or donate by visiting the partners page at olytownfc.com.

Game Statistics:

Manny Nicasio (1 Goal, 1 Assist)

Mitchell Balmer (2 Goals)

Alec Zimmerman (1 Goal, 1 Assist)

Jason Fairhurst (2 Assists)

Yuta Shimazu (1 Goal)

Nate Boatright (1 Goal)

Kasey Sidor (1 Goal)

Brett Stallworth (1 Assist)

Matt Stalnik (60 Minutes, 4 Goals Against, 39 Saves, 4 Assists)

11.12.2022 Photo Gallery by Gloria Towne

Visit https://allaroundtowne.photoreflect.com/ for more of Gloria’s work.

Post-Game Celebration
Photo: Julie Smith

OLYMPA, WA – The Oly Town Artesians began league play yesterday with an overwhelming margin of victory against the visitors from Kitsap County the Olympic Force. 17-7 was the score at final whistle as the Artesians officially begin its 8th year of Arena Soccer existence. Oly Town is one of 7 teams comprising the Western Indoor Soccer League which is a professional-amateur division which frequently provides talent for the Major Arena Soccer League.  Bellingham, Snohomish, Everett, Olympic Peninsula, Tacoma, Oly Town and Portland round out the 2022-23 table.

What may go down as the greatest quarter of indoor soccer in Oly Town’s history, the second quarter proved to be an action packed, peppering of Olympic Force goalkeeper who eventually gave up 7 Artesians goals. (7) different Oly Players scored in the second period which heading into the segment saw only a 2-1 separation.

“It was great to see our potential come out in big moments especially in the second quarter” said Head Coach Nick Boatright who picked up his first ever Western Indoor Soccer League Win. “Our pressing in certain moments and ability to eat the middle and win the ball back was very good. When you win it in the middle versus on the boards the quality of chances are much higher.”

Oly Town came into the season having clinched the Semifinals last winter in the 2021-22 season eventually losing to reigning champion Bellingham United. Bellingham would go on to lose to the Tacoma Stars Reserves at the Showare Center in the WISL Championship. Oly Town looks to make this season a special one as the Artesians have never been to a WISL Final.

Kasey Sidor opened the scoring in the first quarter with an assist from Collin Tate. Sidor would end the game with 3 Goals and an assist. The first quarter seemed to be a back and forth tennis match but that would all change in the second.

Yuta Shimazu of Oly Town
Photo Credit: Julie Smith

A defensive wall, Goalkeeper Isaiah Damschen kept the Olympic Force at bay giving up 7 goals but adding 14 saves to the match for the Artesians. Isaiah would also pickup an assist from the keeper position in the second quarter.

Newcomer to the Artesians and arguably one of the best showings was Yuta Shimazu who went on a 3 goal and 1 assist tear through the Olympic Force defense. Countless times Shimazu ended up alone in front of the Force keeper and capatilized.

“Shimazu’s direct nature and running caused them (Force) problems all day” said Coach Boatright.

An unusual highlight occurred when Collin Tate took a post-goal kickoff and decided to shoot against a relaxed Olympic Force. The ball was a hard, low drive that hit off the post and in. The crowd went absolutely crazy while John McGlamery announced to those tuning in on the Oly Town Artesian Channel “I have never seen that in my 8 years of calling games for Oly, but I have seen it now. Collin Tate with a ‘restart’ goal.”

Oly Town saw a large Olympia, Washington crowd pack into the Evergreen State College Pavilion which operates in conjunction with Olympia Indoor Soccer. Dubbed the “Ice Box” by Artesian Network Play by Play John McGlamery, the Pavilion saw dozens of new heaters to keep families warm and much more fan amenities than in previous years.

“It means a lot to the guys to have the fan support. There is a lot more in store for the Oly Town Artesians. From my perspective the fans are going to help make a difference in the tight games,” said Head Coach Nick Boatright.

“The crowd was awesome tonight and with the new heaters, fresh brewed Dancing Goats Coffee and our new hot food options, fans can definitely expect a different experience this winter” said Principal Owner Ryan Perkins. “We appreciate all the folks that came out and can’t wait to meet more this next game.”

The Artesians have an immediate turnaround with a home match next Saturday November 12th against the visiting Snohomish County FC Steelheads. Kickoff is 6PM and will feature much of the same fanfare as the last game.

The Oly Town Artesians also inducted a 6th Oly Legend, Kyle Wiese into the Artesian Hall of Fame. Wiese played in over 40 matches for the club starting with the inaugural 2014 arena squad. Kyle would later leave the field and help the Artesians front office in both management and finance.

Oly Legend Kyle Wiese and family
Photo: Julie Smith

“Most folks do not know this but the newest Oly Legend Hall of Famer Kyle Wiese actually created the Oly Oly Oly chant during an impromptu huddle in 2014” said Ryan Perkins. “Kyle regaled the story this last week about the 2014 Artesians team not knowing what to say to break the huddle before their first game and the ‘Oly Oly Oly, Oy Oy Oy’ was born so we have Kyle to thank for that awesome chant.”

Also in attendance was local youth soccer club Blackhills FC who is led by Technical Director Kate Green. The Blackhills FC youth had free admittance and played on the field at halftime for fifteen minutes. The Oly Town Artesians Men’s and Women’s teams have had dozens of their own players grow up in Blackhills FC youth soccer programs and love meeting with the kid’s after the matches for autographs and photographs.

Blackhills FC Kiddos
Photo: Julie Smith

The community is encouraged to come next Saturday, November 7th as the Artesians will not be home after until January 7th where they take on Bellevue FC at the Evergreen State College Pavilion. Tickets are on-sale at www.olytownfc.com and season ticket savings are still available online.

Scores from around the league; newcomer Everett City beats Bellingham United 6-5 and Snohomish beat Portland 6-3 to open league play.

Oly Town does not exist without local support and sponsors so make sure and visit olytownfc.com and follow the Artesians on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There are donation buttons as well as apparel and tickets for sale.

Doors open next Saturday November 12th at 530PM for a 6PM kickoff against Snohomish County FC.

Match Statistics:

Jason Fairhurst (2 Goals, 3 Assists)

Yuta Shimazu (3 Goals, 1 Assist)

Kasey Sidor (3 Goals, 1 Assist)

Sebastian Lyons (2 Goals, 1 Assist)

Nate Boatright (2 Goals)

Mitchell Balmer (1 Goal, 1 Assist)

Collin Tate (1 Goal, 1 Assist)

Marcos Borja (2 Assists)

Josh Dube (1 Goal)

Manny Nicasio (1 Goal)

Alex Vogt (1 Goal)


Isaiah Damschen (60 Minutes, 7 Goals Allowed, 14 Saves, 1 Assist)


Nate Boatright

Collin Tate

Photo Gallery: Julie Smith & Joseph Renaud