Do you get lost trying to find The Evergreen State College Pavilion? Us too. But fear no more, here’s step-by-step directions to help you along the way!

  • You are going to want to park in F-Lot. The address to F-Lot is 4218 Driftwood RD NW Olympia, WA 98502.
  • From here you’ll be covering ground on foot to the Pavilion.
  • Exit F-Lot & use the crosswalk to get onto the sidewalk.
  • Once on the sidewalk take a left.
  • You will approach a Stop Sign.
  • Go through the stop sign and within a few yards there will be another crosswalk.
  • Take a right at the crosswalk inwards towards the paved trail. (See Photo Below)
The sign says no entry, but it is speaking for vehicles.
  • Follow this path until you come to a 4-Way intersection. (See Photo Below)
This is the 4-Way intersection!
  • At the intersection, take a left.
  • Follow that path and the Pavilion will come up shortly on your right. (See Photo Below)
The Pavilion! You Made it!