Improving Families Through Sport

The Oly Soccer Foundation mission is to provide opportunities for low income and at risk youth and families access to soccer education, equipment and tickets to major soccer events in the region. Inspiring our youth is important to healthy lifestyles and positive community impact and through the Oly Soccer Foundation we can change the course of many families to improve the quality of life of kid’s and parents through soccer. We believe that we are better together and stronger through sport and stewardship. We look forward each year to working with like-minded organizations, school’s, clubs, businesses and donors to enhance the lives of so many in our Thurston County Region and beyond. Please reach out to our board for more information on how you can positively impact this Foundation and the community it serves.

Non Profit Entity Name: Oly Soccer Foundation

Location: Thurston County, Washington State


“Our kid’s and families are the ones we need to provide for and inspire and soccer in this region is providing opportunities this region isn’t used to with the Oly Soccer Foundation. It’s incredible what they do!”

-Proud Donor

Board Meetings, second Tuesday each Month

Votes & Foundation Initiatives are Recorded

WA Non Profit Corporation UBI 604957038

Founded 2022

Please reach out to for any donations or inquiries