Staff / Contact

Ryan Perkins Owner:
Matthew Herrera Owner: Soccer
Jason Smith Owner: General
Nate Boatright Men’s Indoor Head
Nick Boatright Men’s Assistant Head
Matt Herrera Women’s Indoor Head Coach
TBD Men’s Outdoor Head CoachTBD
Rebecca Hummer Marketing Director
Joey RenaudGame Day
Katie MillerField Manager
John McGlameryPlay by Play
Jeff SlakeyPA / DJ
Nathaniel GuzmanPA / DJ
Brad HansonColor / Stats

Ready to join the Oly Town community??

We are currently looking for volunteers and seasonal staff for the 2022 May – July season!

  • Game Day Director
  • Box Office Attendant
  • Merchandise Sales Manager
  • Game Day Assistant(s)
  • Volunteer(s)

Send us your resume with a short email about yourself & your goals to!